Meet Kristine


Kristine McGuire is an inspirational author and speaker, sharing her testimony and encouraging others in their walk with Christ. A gifted writer, her work has been featured on Positively Feminine, Faithful Devotions, and Praise & Coffee Magazine (Fall 2011).

Kristine 's first book, Escaping the Cauldron: Exposing Occult Influences in Every Day Life, is an informative memoir and Bible study, recounting her journey from committed Christian to witch, medium, and ghost hunter for eight years until restored to faith in Jesus Christ. She was a contributing author to Dancing with the Devil: An Honest Look into the Occult by Former Followers by Jeff Harshbarger and a consultant for the novel The Widow of Saunders Creek by Christy Award Winning Author, Tracey Bateman.

Kristine's second book, An Insider's Guide to Spiritual Warfare: 20 Battle-Tested Strategies from Behind Enemy Lines, will be published by Chosen Books for Fall 2014.

Kristine is a wife and mother. She enjoys writing, spending time with her family, taking long walks, listening to music of all kinds, and experiencing God's daily gift called life.

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