Back in the Saddle Again–so to speak

Back in the Saddle Again–so to speak

Well, it has been some time since I've posted anyting to this blog. Months ago I announced that I had finished my blogging journey. Burn out is a thing and after more than a year of struggling I just didn't have anything more to say. 

Siince then I've both accepted and left a job, made some personal discoveries, and have found renewed interest and purpose in topics such as healthy living, cooking, incorporating essential oils into daily life (not new but invigorated) writing, story-telling and various social topics.

There are some changes that are going to be made to this blog, articles and categories which will no longer be available as I'm switching to different topics of interest. 

Change is good.

Hope you'll stick around.


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Kristine McGuire is passionate about learning to live, love, laugh and bring others along on the journey to health and wholeness.

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