Christian Witches: Hiding in Plain Sight

My husband and I were in the car  on the way home, enjoying some conversation at the end of an impromptu "date night", when our topic turned to my blog and my former life as a Christian witch and medium.

I was making the point that many people who are interested in witchcraft or the occult hide their interest or spiritual path "in plain sight"…especially Christian witches. My husband asked if I'd ever set up a witchcraft altar in our home.  My confirming answer surprised him…he never suspected.  

This didn't surprise me.  I became very good at hiding my "witchy ways".  I didn't change how I dressed or stamp "witch" on my forehead.  I looked as I always did. Truly the only thing I did as a kind of public statement was wear a triquetra.

The triquetra (many people will recognize this symbol from the TV program Charmed) is a a Celtic symbol used in witchcraft and pagan practice as a symbol of power, protection, and/or to represent the triple goddess.  However, this particular symbol is also prevalent in more traditional or mainline churches as a symbol of the Trinity…brought into Christian religious tradition by the Irish after the Emerald Isle was converted by Patrick.

As a Christian witch I chose to wear the triquetra rather than a pentacle because of this duality.  I could wear it as a symbol of my spiritual beliefs and none of my Christian friends or family knew the symbol held a very different meaning for me.  

Honestly, most Christians have a superficial or stereotypical idea of what Wicca, witchcraft, or the occult is.  This results in a majority of Christians having very little skill in recognizing someone who may be practicing witchcraft or pursuing an interest…even under their own roof.

Granted, there are some witches or people interested in the occult who like to dress or act in a way that will draw attention….dark or black clothes, pentacles, etc…but that is more the exception than the rule.

Most of the people I know or have known who are witches, pagans, or into some other occult spirituality look no different than anyone else. Most are generally not into an every day "goth" or wearing a "witchy" style of dress unless they are going to some special gathering.   Trust me…you wouldn't have pegged me as a witch simply by the way I dressed or presented myself in public.  

A little side note:  Dressing in black or being Goth doesn't mean a person is into the occult. There are plenty of  black clad, Goth-style dressing people out there…who upon viewing you might assume "Oh they must be into witchcraft!"….who are totally committed to Christ.  

What I'm trying to get across is the old adage…you can't judge a book by it's cover.

So what do you look for if your a parent…or a spouse…that could suggest you have a loved one who may be dabbling in witchcraft or the occult?  

Well…one thing to look for would be an increase in candles, herbs, or essential oils…something beyond ordinary use.  Another possibility is more crystals and gemstones being used around the house…set in windows, collected in conch shells.  Incense is often used as well.  The most obvious things would be tarot cards, pendulums, etc.

Please remember these are only meant as suggestions to keep in mind.  People can enjoy candles, incense, and crystals in their home or room for decorative use with no connection to the occult.  Truly what you need to do is listen to how a person talks, watch how they live.  Is the fruit of the Holy Spirit evident in their life?  Do they know and believe the Bible or count it on the same level as the ancient myths?  Who do they claim Jesus to be?

I think it's important that Christians have an understanding of what Wicca and witchcraft is.  Please don't judge others based on how they look and don't assume someone who claims to be a Christian really understands what it means to be a disciple of Christ..  

Be willing to listen with an open, loving heart to everyone.  Be able to answer their questions…and know how to clearly explain the hope we have through faith in Jesus Christ.

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  1. Great article, Kristine! I’m glad to know that you have left the wicked path and that you now minister to other the Truth.


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