Find Your Voice

Find Your Voice

"Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how you ought to answer each person." Colossians 4:6 ESV

We live in a world filled with words.

Words to make people laugh.

Words to make people think.

Words to challenge.

Words to encourage.

My life has been filled with a passion for words but I so often lacked the courage required for sharing. Because words are personal, intimate. Through words we allow people a glimpse of our heart and soul. 

Words become a gift held out on open palms to be accepted or rejected.

So I kept the words hidden. Secret. Held in trust for the One who knows my true heart.

Seven years ago, God restored my life and renewed the words in my heart. By faith, two years later, I began sending them  into the ether knowing the words were for someone who needed to read or hear.

Words of hope.

Words of redemption.

Words of forgiveness.

Words of  love.

God gave me a voice long ago. Every day, I choose to find it.

And to anyone who may be wondering if to do so in this harsh world is worth the risk, I can say without hesitation---


Now. Go find yours.



About kristinemac

Kristine McGuire is an inspirational author and speaker, sharing her testimony and encouraging others in their walk with Christ.


  1. Love!

  2. I’m so glad God restored your life and gives you courage to share, Kristine. I love how you say “Words become a gift held out on open palms to be accepted or rejected.” Your words are a gift and I truly accept them. 🙂 And they will always be a gift even when they are rejected in a harsh world.

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