Finding Valentines

Finding Valentines

Tomorrow is Valentines Day.

My husband has never been a big fan of holidays. Ever. And this particular day set aside to commemorate romance and love is no exception as far as Thom is concerned. His love is spoken to me every day and evident in what he does so why does he need a "special day" to make it "official"? Truth be told,  for him Valentines Day is nothing more than another work day and here's why.

For the past three years my husband has had to work on Valentines Day so other couples can enjoy an evening out together.

For those of you who read my Christmas production post about all the people who give up a lot for the wonderful holiday celebrations the rest of us enjoy, well, let's just say the workload of an audio engineer at a mega church extends well beyond Christmas and Easter.


It's taken time for me to adapt (in other words get over myself) and find ways to have fun or make a holiday special even though I know my husband may not be able to participate or will have to work around his production/events schedule at the church.

You see, I am a holiday person.

Love em.

If there is a reason to celebrate I'm all over it. Not in a big way but through activities, decorations, gifts, or special dinners. And my beloved husband (who really is not into holidays) will go right along with my plans because he's that guy. 

The one who will come home from a long day of work and take his wife out for her favorite frozen yogurt on a sub-zero day because she's stuck at home and climbing the walls. The one who will smile over  too dry pork roast and refuse to admit he's better at cooking pork roast until his wife presses him on it. The one who doesn't let a day go by without saying "I love you" at least twice.

Which is why I was caught off guard the other day when Thom reminded me he had to work on Valentines Day (just as he's done for the past three years). Because I could have sworn we do something to celebrate like go out to dinner or watch a movie together. Turns out, we might not have done anything special at all which got me thinking...

All our days are filled with expressions of love, caring, and romance.  My husband gives me a Valentine with every smile, laugh, and hug. We don't need one special day to say "I love you" when it's every day expressed. So it's okay he's working to bring happiness to other couples tomorrow night.

For us, it's just another day in a calendar brimming with Valentines.





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  1. I’m right there with you Kristine! We don’t put too much emphasis on Valentine’s day either. Our anniversary is only about 3 weeks away. I like how you say that all of your days are filled with expressions of love. I think that is beautiful!
    Great post!

  2. What a beautiful post and love you two share! 🙂

  3. This is lovely. I too am a celebration person, but I struggle with a strong streak of frugality! Oh dear. Hubby asked if I’d be home today, and since I’ll be out 10-2 maybe the delivery (what delivery?) will come when I’m gone, but grandpa can bring it in perhaps!
    Happy Valentine’s Day, as it is!

    • Thank you! And I know how hard it is to want to celebrate on tight budget constraints too. Hope you enjoy your (surprise!?!) delivery when it arrives. Happy Valentines Day!

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