For Our Battle Is Not Against Flesh and Blood…

For Our Battle Is Not Against Flesh and Blood…

You know, I should get used to the fact that when I get discouraged the Holy Spirit sends me reminders of why I'm called to share my testimony in the first place.

I'll start receiving emails from readers asking all sorts of questions. I'll be reminded there are people whose current struggle is similar to my own in the past. I'll be asked to pray for someone who has a spouse, sibling, child, nephew, or friend who is either being lured into the occult or has become a practitioner/devotee. One of my old posts will generate a lot of interest or comments. People in real life will contact me so they can chat over coffee about a spiritual issue which is troubling them.

These communications will occur every single day, and most often, after I've had a long session with God telling Him why I'm so over all of this. I don't want to talk or write about my past anymore (stomping of foot should be applied here). He will listen to my whinging (because God promises to always listen) and then give me a proper "Well, that's very nice and all but I've still got more for you to do, Kristine".

Here's why.

"For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places." Ephesians 6:12 NLT

The enemy would love nothing more than for me to shut up.

He's got people wrapped up in his tidy plans to "be like God" in a variety of ways. I'm a little ole bother when I'm being obedient to God (as are all Christians). There are people the enemy wants to lure away from God. This can be anyone for any reason but includes those who are drawn by mysticism, occult beliefs, and esoteric practice. This includes people within the Church who love God but are dissatisfied with the way other Christians act or the traditional orthodoxy of Christian belief. Some may feel the need for "something more which only mysticism or witchcraft can provide."  Some may believe they can connect better with God through nature or the universe.

There are people who believe the Bible is God's word but do not accept its authority. There are people who believe the Bible is interesting but no longer relevant so they choose to follow societal trends. There are people who don't bother to even read the Bible or know what it says because they want to follow their own path or accept God on their terms rather than His own. 

My point is that the spiritual battle is real.

We fight it on many fronts whether they be emotional, physical, or spiritual. And as I'm very familiar with because that sort of started this whole post, spiritual battle fatigue is a real thing. A time when it is easy to want to quit. But God calls us (right now me specifically) to remain steadfast, to remember the reason He has us doing whatever we are doing. For me it is telling my story and addressing topics which can make some people uncomfortable or downright (hostile) annoyed with me.

God never promised our assignments would be easy.

My assignment is to share what I've learned about the occult because I lived and breathed being a witch, medium, and ghost hunter for years in my past. My call is to shine a light on the counterfeit. For instance, the world would have you believe what people do as psychics or mediums is "good." I'm not saying it isn't "good" as the world defines "good." But what the world defines as "true" or "right"or "good" is based in man's limited perspective rather than God's infinite one.

The reality is that only God defines what is good, true, and right.

The Lord gave us His Word (the scriptures) so we may understand and know this. Know Him (limited fashion though it may be this side of heaven). God sent His Son to bring us to salvation through our repentance. He gives us His Holy Spirit so He may help us grow and learn from His Word. As a Christian, I believe God's word. I'm not saying I know everything or understand everything (learning from God's Word is a life-time activity) but I'm not going to stop sharing what I've learned through study and life experience nor apologize for believing God's word.

As born-again believers in Jesus Christ, each one of us is called to share the story of how God saved us. Some of our testimonies may seem more "dramatic" or "compelling" than others but that hardly matters. Why? Because God wants us to bear witness to what He has done for us so more can be saved. He wants us to stand in faith when the world (or our spiritual enemy or both) tries to knock us down, make us quit, or silence our voices.

God's commission to you and me, Christian friend, is based in His love.

Our strength to stay the course, to speak out, to write, or do whatever God desires we do for the Gospel should be motivated by that love. Sometimes when I'm weary I forget that. Sometimes I forget we are on a rescue mission.

Which is why I'm thankful God reminds me there is a reason for His call to share my story, write books and posts from a traditional, biblical perspective on the occult, and be available for those who need someone to talk to when other avenues seem daunting or closed. Friend, we are on the front-lines of a spiritual war. We are God's tactical response team geared up in salvation, God's righteousness, faith, truth, peace, and God's word.

Time to get back at it.

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