I’m All About the Grapefruit

I’m All About the Grapefruit

As a child, I remember watching my mother cut grapefruit in half, sprinkle it with sugar, and then eat the juicy pulp section by section as she scooped the fruit from the rind with a spoon. One day I asked my mother if I could eat some grapefruit for breakfast too.

She seemed to like eating grapefruit so I figured--why not?

My mother must have agreed because she carefully prepared a portion for me as a light Saturday morning meal. Unfortunately, the sharp taste of that citrus fruit did not appeal to me as much as the sugar I could put on top of the pulp. Mom and I decided cereal might be better as a quick "go to for breakfast" choice for me until my tastes matured.

Even as an adult, I'm not one to slice open a grapefruit for breakfast. However,  I do love the fresh citrus taste (sans sweetener) which a couple of drops of YL Grapefruit Vitality provides to my ice water.

My favorite time to use grapefruit oil is on a hot day when I feel dehydrated from being outside (at one of the many festivals held during the Summer in my city!) or when coming back from a long walk with my daughter. It's like instant "spa water" (you know--you go to get a massage or have a facial or nails manicured and you are offered delicious flavored water from a beautiful glass pitcher) at home by the glass without a lot of fuss.

Here's what I love about YL Grapefruit Vitality essential oil. Expressed from the rind of the grapefruit, it is full of vitamin C and is wonderful for supporting the immune system. Also, when included in a nice glass of water (purified because who needs gross stuff in your water) it can aid the body in flushing itself out and assist in weight management when coupled with a wholesome diet and exercise.

Seriously, if you've ever considered adding essential oils to your food or beverages then consider Young Living's Grapefruit Vitality Oil. The YL Vitality Essential Oils are approved for dietary use and are a great way to add flavor to food or beverages, as well as gain the benefits of using EO's in your life, in addition to applying oils topically or diffusing oils aromatically.

As always, please consult your doctor before adding anything to your health and wellness lifestyle and I recommend only using Young Living Vitality Essential Oils as dietary supplements. Their Seed to Seal program ensures you are using the highest quality 100% pure essential oils.

So that's it, friends. Go forth and enjoy the warm weather of Summer. Just be sure to keep hydrated if you are going to be active.


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