In Your Face

In Your Face

I did not watch the Grammy's but the internet is certainly "abuzz" with the "highlights" of the evening:

  • Beyonce and Jay-Z performing a hyper-sexualized duet to huge applause.
  • Queen Latifah performing a marriage ceremony for 33 gay and straight couples.
  • Katy Perry performing "Dark Horse" to images of witches, demons, "broom" pole dancing, and being "burned at the stake".

What I want to know is why are we surprised that this type of "entertainment" is now so "in your face" and "mainstream"?


Beyonce would not perform a song like "Drunk in Love" (with lyrics which are disturbing and explicit) if people didn't buy her music. The woman would not present herself in the most sexual manner possible if people stopped screaming their approval.

Do you really think the Grammy's would pass up the chance to make their political statement about gay marriage after the Rose Bowl Parade successfully opened the way with very little fanfare or major reaction?

Katy Perry's performance of Dark Horse wasn't all that different from the concert performances of Alice Cooper, Marilyn Manson, or Ozzie Ozborne back in the day except it's worldwide audience. The difference from then and now is the occult (witches, vampires, ghosts, etc) have become popular in media and (mostly) accepted in mainstream America.

So what can we do in response as Christians in a corrupt world?

The examples of Mandisa (who did not attend despite winning a Grammy) and Natalie Grant (who left early and maybe should have just not gone herself) go a long way in suggesting we not celebrate as the world does (as we now know the award shows have little to do with musical or entertainment accomplishment).

Maybe we follow these two women in their example and not watch these award shows at all. We know what to expect---decadence, provocative performances, political diatribe. We know these programs are no longer "family friendly". Why not just choose something else?

How about not buying the music, not going to the movie, skipping the concert of these musicians and start supporting the ones who are trying to do something positive through their lyrics, stories, movies, and performances?

We can do our part to be an active participant in the mission which we are tasked with----live the Gospel.



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Kristine McGuire is an inspirational author and speaker, sharing her testimony and encouraging others in their walk with Christ.


  1. miguel quirino says:

    So true, thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you, Miquel. I’m glad you like the post. If more of us start making these choices we may start seeing a change in the future.

    • Jill Carter says:

      Kristine, I think you talk perfect sense. We need to make a stand against the occult and lead by example by refusing to compromise or beliefs. God bless you with your ministry and I pray that He will improve your health (eyes)more.

      • Your right, Jill. We do need to lead by example. Imagine the difference we could make in our society by being true to our beliefs. And thank you, I really appreciate your prayers. 🙂

  2. I’ve ignored them for years. I Have a degree in fashion design and I can’t even stomach the red carpet anymore. It’s all just so sad, dark and empty.

    • Yes it truly is dark, sad, and empty. What an excellent description. I have ignored the award shows for years myself as well (and music was my gig long before writing).

  3. Glad to have found your blog. It is sad that we place such importance on celebrity in our country…so much so that we accept into our hearts what is depraved and ugly and at times even glorify it by trying to recreate it in the real world. Actions that once shocked us and seemed unacceptable? Over time they fade, giving way to increasingly shocking behavior in the name of entertainment and entitlement.

    • I agree Michelle. When I here about what’s happening in the award shows (and that’s a small microcosm of the American entertainment industry) I just cringe. What’s even worse is to see and hear the justifications for what once would have been considered vulgar or offensive for television. It’s very sad and very telling that while polls may suggest over 70% of Americans proclaim themselves Christian, this society has drifted a long way from those beliefs.

  4. I am not surprised by the buzz around the Grammy Awards. Although I did not watch this show, everything that you mentioned appears on our TV sets every day. The key is to recognize that many of the things on TV and in Real Life, are not of God. If we recognize this and keep our thoughts focused on Him and His Word, we will know the difference between acceptable and unacceptable. There will be no time to even think about what others are doing, as we keep our minds constantly cleansed, renewed and focused on the Lord. Whenever I view anything that feels “not right,” I take the time to pray for the people involved and ask the Lord to heal and protect them. After all, I’m sure that my thoughts, words and deeds are not always pleasing to the Lord. Pray, pray and pray some more. Thanks, for stopping by Kristine. I enjoyed your post! I need to stop blogging and fill orders in my art studio;-) Smiles! Joy to you and yours!


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