Jennifer Rothchild’s Newest Book: God’s Just Not Fair

Jennifer Rothchild’s Newest Book: God’s Just Not Fair

In 1985, I transferred from Grand Rapids Junior College to a small Christian college in West Palm Beach, Florida as a music major. And among the first people I got to know were Phil Rothschild and (his future bride) Jennifer Jolly.

Phil and Jennifer were sweet, gracious, and very friendly. What really struck me about Jennifer was her musical talent. Girl could sing and play the piano like nobody's business. She would sing  special music during our chapel services quite frequently. And however much time you spent with Jennnifer,  you just knew this is a woman who loves the Lord. And when I learned later in the year that Jennifer had lost her sight as a teenager, well, my admiration for her genuine heart increased exponentially.

Which is why it was so exciting to learn how Jennifer has used her gifts to become a dynamic author, speaker, and musical artist whom God has used to touch and heal so many lives.  Jennifer and Phil have been guests on such television programs as Dr. Phil, Oprah, Good Morning America, etc. She is a frequent speaker for the Women of Faith women's conference and hosts her own called Fresh Grounded Faith.

So, I'm very excited to share Jennifer Rothschild NEWEST BOOK (available March 25) called God's Just Not Fair. Here is a description:

"Do you believe God is just not fair? If you're like Jennifer Rothschild, you wrestle with questions when you experience painful circumstances. Does God care? Does he hear my prayers? Is he even there? Blinded as a teenager, Jennifer overcame daunting obstacles, found strength in God, and launched a successful speaking and writing ministry. Then in her 40's, everything changed. Jennifer hit a wall of depression and discontent that shook her to her core, undermining many of her past assumptions about her faith. Jennifer wondered who God was and why he continued to allow her to struggle and doubt. Where, Jennifer pleaded,is his hand of healing and hope in my life now? This is a book about finding more than just answers. It's for anyone who needs hope when life doesn't make sense---for all who reach for a God who feels distant. As Jennifer tackles the six big questions of faith, she will help you: Trust God more than your feelings. Strengthen your faith when you feel beat up by life. Embrace your obstacles and start experiencing their purpose. Face your disappointment and grow stronger from your loss."

Personally, I'm very excited about reading this book. Jennifer writes in a style which is personal, honest. faith building. Having known her and Phil in college (even just as acquaintances) was such a blessing and through her books I feel as though we are sitting at a table sharing our lives as friends. But why don't I let Jennifer tell you herself. She has shared her reasons for writing God's Just Not Fair in a recent blog post. Here is a short excerpt of that post:

"Here’s why I wrote God is Just Not Fair:

I was so tired of being blind. I wanted to quit more than I wanted to keep trying.

I desperately needed to know God was enough when my life was a mess.

I questioned everything I had ever believed about God.

I needed real hope because I had real pain and real questions.

I wrote this book because I am not the only one who has felt those feelings."

Read the rest of Jennifer's post HERE.

If you are already familiar with Jennifer Rothschild's books then let me encourage you to go to Amazon and pre-order God's Just Not Fair. Jennifer is offering SEVEN GREAT FREEBIES too. So I hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to pre-order Jennifer's new book and be enriched from the reading of it. I know I will be.


jennifer rAbout the Author

Jennifer Rothschild has written 9 books and Bible studies, including the bestsellers, Lessons I Learned in the Dark and Self-Talk, Soul-Talk. She has appeared on Good Morning America, Dr. Phil, Life Today, and a Billy Graham television special and spoken for Women of Faith and Extraordinary Women. She is the founder of the Fresh Grounded Faith conferences and She lost her sight at age 15 and regularly travels and speaks around the country, sharing her story and all God has done in her life. Jennifer lives with her family in Missouri.
I am giving away a copy of Jennifer Rothschild's SELF TALK, SOUL TALK (a signed copy). Here's a description:

Popular Women of Faith speaker and author of Lessons I Learned in the Dark, Jennifer Rothschild, has a message for every woman: Words are powerful. Especially the words women speak to themselves. All too often what they say to themselves when they lie in bed at night or look in the mirror in the morning is not even close to the words God wants them to speak to their souls.

Scripture has a lot to say about this "soul talk." Because many women feel overwhelmed and struggle with issues of self-esteem, depression, and discouragement, Jennifer shares practically and helpfully from her own life and from Scripture to show how every woman can turn her words--and her life--around for good.

She offers 7 powerful things a woman can say to her soul, including:

  • Press On - "March on my soul, be strong" (Judges 5:21)
  • Look Up - "My soul, put your hope in God" (Psalm 42:5)
  • Chill Out - "Be at rest, O my soul" (Psalm 116:7)

Self Talk, Soul Talk is perfect for individual or small group study and includes interactive pages and Scripture passages for digging deeper.

To be elible for this free giveaway, leave a comment on this blog post telling me if you have read one of Jennifer's books, and if yes, which is your favorite? If no, what are you hoping to receive from Jennifer as she shares her heart?
A winner will be selected by random at the end of the week (FRIDAY).
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  1. Can’t wait to read her new book. Would be a great tool for small groups

  2. Kristine. Loved your review on CBD and of course all this good stuff. Thank you sister. Dr Phil and Jennifer

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