Kristine: Back in Action

Kristine: Back in Action

Well, what can I say about the past week or so?

If you read any of the blogs my husband posted, then you know I have been diagnosed with a condition called COGAN'S DYSTROPHY (or  Map Dot Fingerprint Dystrophy). Here's what happened:

On October 17, I woke up early in the morning with horrible pain in my left eye. In fact it was so bad, Thom decided to take me to the emergency room. The doctors there were able to numb my eye and then schedule an appointment for me with a local ophthalmologist. It was during this appointment I was diagnosed with Cogan's dystrophy. There was not a lot they could do about the pain, so I had to spend several days dealing with that as well as being light sensitive and unable to see out of my left eye. It took about three days for the pain to subside to a comfortable level, and I've had to see the ophthalmologist multiple times over the past week.

As a treatment, I have been using antibiotic drops and artificial tears. In addition to that, the doctor put a contact lens bandage (freaky right?) on my left eye which has been replace twice. I will be going back on Monday to see how we've progressed toward healing. We will also be talking about possible laser surgery in the near future.

Now because I'm unable to see or read clearly, my beloved husband has worked out a way to help me get back online and (more importantly) be able to work on my book again. The program which is allowing me to do this is called Dragon Naturally Speaking. Basically, this program allows me to speak while it types what I say.

It's really really cool!

So now, I'm figuring out how to do a post let you know what I've been doing and practice with my new speech to text program. I'm also very thankful to God for sustaining me through this ordeal, for the loving support of my husband, my boss and co-workers at Women at Risk, and all of you who have offered so much love to me through your prayers and comments.

Looking forward to sharing my thoughts with you over the next few days as we move into Halloween, and all which God has been teaching me through this very difficult experience.


photo credit: Plantronics EncorePro monaural via photopin (license)

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  1. Glad things are on the upswing now for you. Been praying for God’s healing

  2. My prayers are with you for your recovery. Thanks for the update. James

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