Life Tips with Kristine: Never Use a Steak Knife To Open a 12-Pack of Soda. No. Seriously.

Life Tips with Kristine: Never Use a Steak Knife To Open a 12-Pack of Soda. No. Seriously.

My husband and I are soda pop drinkers.

Yes. I'm fully aware of how bad it is for you.

My husband and I are (specifically) Diet Mountain Dew Drinkers.

Yes. I'm fully aware of what some people think of that particular drink.

Most of the time I'm an intelligent woman.

My husband (if he knows what's good for him--just kidding--sort of) agrees.

There are just some days, however, when I do the most inexplicably silly things.

My husband (most definitely) agrees.

So, I had this new twelve pack of Diet Mountain Dew.

I don't know about you, but it seems to me the people who designed the 12-pack boxes will reinforce the cardboard used at the end of the box (never where the handle is. That area will tear with almost gleeful frequency, I swear) where you're supposed to be able to remove it so as release the cans of soda.

Sure. Perforations are provided to make it easier to punch out the requisite piece of cardboard (it's not really cardboard but I have no better descriptor) but those little buggers just don't cooperate half the time, and so you are left standing there struggling to open the darn thing.

Well. I am.

Any hoo, there I stood, trying to open the 12-pack of Diet Mountain Dew when I decided I needed a little extra help to cut through those little perforations. Now, my butcher block sits on the same counter where I store the 12-pack once it is opened (Yes. I am aware they are designed to go in the refrigerator, would you let me tell the story? Sheesh!).

That's when I got the brilliant idea to use a steak knife to poke a hole into the cardboard so it would be easier to open the 12-pack of soda.

So I did.

Lo and behold as soon as I removed that piece of (for lack of better term) cardboard wedge from its location do I realize there is a tiny geizer spewing forth from the 12-pack! Which is when I realized that perhaps (just perhaps) using a KNIFE with a POINTED END to POKE HOLES into a box of SODA CANS might not be the best solution to the problem of how to open it.

Just sayin.

And yes. I did laugh all the way to the sink.

There you have it kids. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


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  1. Yup, sticking to it… sticky hands, sticky floor, sticky counter… just sayin’
    Fun smile for a rainy Tuesday – thanks!


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