Place Me Like A Seal Over Your Heart

Yesterday, I wrote a post on how we need to be careful what we put in front of our eyes and how we need to be on our guard. There can be all sorts of damage done to marriage relationships through careless viewing or reading of erotic (or highly sensual) materials.

Why? Because an image of someone other than our spouse can easily become the emotional equivalent of our "ideal". Who can live up to these imaginations and fantasies in real life?

Spouses can be made to feel inadequate if they believe they are being compared to a photograph or an intimate experience related through a novel they may not be able (or want) to recreate.

I think that's why I like these verses from Song of Solomon (which is what the Bible offers as a picture of true sexual intimacy between spouses as it's meant to be expressed).

It admonishes us to place our spouse over our heart like a seal. We are meant to be "jealous" (not in a sinful, soulish, selfish way but a loving, godly way which seeks to protect the marriage covenant) for our spouse who is our friend, lover, and partner in life.

And experience a deeper kind of love than what so many couples seem to be engaging in these days. A covenant between God and us as husband and wife. A vertical relationship which can help a couple withstand the trials and temptations we all face in this world. Temptations such as maintaining the integrity of our marriage bed for our spouse alone---even in our imagination.


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