Remember the Victims

Remember the Victims

As I was listening to Michigan Radio this morning a representative of the LGBT community reminded that while people are talking about terrorism, gun control, and standards in regard to the "Watch List" and how the FBI handles investigating the individuals included on it (and don't get me wrong. These are important topics.) we must not forget the victims, both slain and surviving, in this situaton.

The attack on the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando hit a very specific target---the LGBT community. A group of people who are all too often harmed, maligned, and the victims of hateful bigotry. On Sunday, this attack was designed to create terror not only within a vulnerable group of people but the nation. However, gay people are not strangers to violence. We must not allow this to continue.

Even though my Christian beliefs differ from people in the LGBT community I embrace them as unique individuals and will always love people because their lives are precious. Human beings who are made in the image of God. I will share the gospel with all people because "all (people) have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God", offer my friendship, and accept those who identify as LGBT for who they are and where they are at in their lives. Anything else I leave to God.

As Christians we must always submit to God, follow His word without compromise, and love all people regardless of their sexual orientation, race, religion, beliefs, non-belief, etc. The Church is meant to be a city on a hill, a light in the darkness. We may not agree with people who have different ideologies but we can always love them.

Stand with them against hatred and violence. 

Faith in action has been happening in Orlando with people coming out in droves to give blood, Chik-fil-A offering free food, and I'm sure many other examples we have not heard of in the national media. But we must not stop when the shock of the events of Sunday have waned. We must never forget the victims nor the vulnerability of a community of people who deserve to be treated as equals as much as everyone else in this country.

As I've seen going around on social media: More Love. Less Hate.

Pray for Orlando.


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