As a speaker, Kristine McGuire shares from her own life lessons and as a Biblical Counselor, encouraging others toward a deeper walk with God. Kristine offers sound, heartfelt, and practical biblical advice on issues relevant to the 21st Century Christian

To request Kristine McGuire as a speaker for your church, meeting, or event please fill out the email thom@bigfishministries.com.


Speaking Topics Include:

Spiritual Warfare

Christians and the Occult

Marriage Restoration (with Thom McGuire)

Homelessness (with Thom McGuire)

Human Trafficking

Prayer as a Lifestyle


What Is Kristine Like As A Speaker?

Linda Rosendall, Brightside Community Church Women's Ministry:

The Women's Ministry at Brightside Church in Caledonia, MI invited Kristine McGuire to speak at our Mother or Daughter Banquet earlier this month.  I am so glad she accepted! We couldn't have chosen a speaker to fit in better than Kristine.  She took our theme, "Instruments", and incorporated that into her speaking time with us.  She used life examples and spoke directly into the hearts of the women and girls that attended our banquet.  She even took time to speak to my teen aged daughters after the banquet as to why they should stay away from the paranormal. I highly recommend Kristine as a speaker and we hope to have her back at Brightside Church in the near future!

Sue Cramer,  Praise and Coffee Women's Ministry Events:

"Kristine came to our Praise and Coffee Night and shared her story, it was amazing! I've never seen women so riveted by a speaker!  If you are in a position to bring Kristine to your church/event…do it!"

Scott Eikenberry, Unity XChange Seminar Tent, Coordinator:

"I was honored and delighted to have Kristine McGuire be one of our speakers in the “Unity XChange Seminar Tent” at Unity Christian Music Festival in Muskegon, Michigan (one of the nation’s top 10 Christian music festivals). Kristine has a unique testimony and style of speaking that keeps people, young and old, engaged into the heart of her message. Her stories of involvement in the occult and her conclusion of how God rescued her from these traps, answers many of the questions that people often have, but are afraid to ask when dealing with the “supernatural”. If you are looking for a great speaker with a testimony that is relevant in today’s culture of “curiosity in the supernatural”, I highly recommend Kristine McGuire to be on the top of your list of considerations."

Sue Wagner, Faith Covenant Church, Women's Christmas Tea Coordinator:

"We had Kristine speak at our Women's Tea.  Even though the weather was terrible in Northern Michigan we had a good turnout and I had several women tell me afterwards how blessed they were with Kristine's message.  The emphasis was on putting Christ first during the holidays and not getting so busy we forget what Christmas is really about. Kristine was an enthusiastic and wonderful from-the-heart speaker.  We hope to have her back again!"

Rick Oppenhuizen, Pastor,  Grace Reformed Church:

"Kristine McGuire spoke at our church sharing with us her testimony which includes how she attempted to blend witchcraft with Christianity. Obviously, she discovered that there is no compromising of the Gospel and the Holy Spirit brought her back in an amazing way. Her story is gripping. It also serves as a warning to not blend religion "ala carte" and to pay close attention to the Word of God. Kristine notes well that we all have a spiritual hunger, and if wedon't satisfy it with Christ and His word, we may slip into any kind of spiritual offering. The church needs to hear her story. It is a wake up call to be aware of the continual influence of our culture pushing us into consideration of the paranormal and other strange spiritual activity. It is also a pointed reminder that we, the church, need to be on the offensive knowing what we believe and to be willing to share it with searching, hungry souls. Kristine rounds out her story with sound theology and giving praise and glory to God. I would highly recommend to you that you engage Kristine in speaking to your church groups."

Randy Badge, Youth Director, BridgeWay Community Church:

"I invited Kristine to come to the youth group that I pastor to share her testimony. Her life went from accepting Jesus as her Lord and Savior, to allowing witchcraft to take a stronghold in her life. Eventually she repented of her deception, being redeemed by her Lord and Savior. It was a powerful night as Kristine shared her story. She made the students very aware that witchcraft is not something to mess with. That witchcraft and other strongholds are of the devil and can destroy your life. That Jesus is the way, the truth and the life and no one comes to the Father except by Jesus. I strongly recommend Kristine as a speaker for any seminar or conference".

Laurette Willis, Founder/Director,  PraiseMoves Fitness Ministry:

"Kristine's unique background and remarkable experiences, passion for the gospel message, and communication skills provide a wealth of information which will fit into any ministry setting. She has a heart for people and seeing the captives set free–and a delightful way of communicating God's message with joy!"

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