Time to Refocus on Peace

Time to Refocus on Peace


Yesterday, the world of social and news media “blew up” when it was learned the A& E Network has “indefinitely suspended” Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson, following the release of an article¬†from GQ magazine. I’m not going to re-iterate my personal opinion on the whole thing. Been there, done that, and you can read the post […]

Must Have Hit A Nerve

Must Have Hit A Nerve


The other day I wrote a post after my husband called me late in the evening to let me know he’d be getting home late. What’s been interesting to me is how popular that particular post has been. You see, our church is presenting a very large production this weekend for Christmas (How Christmas Saved […]

Are You A Disciple?

Over the last few days, I have heard in conversation or seen one particular sentiment being expressed by Christians. Frustration over how many people who claim Christ as their Savior seem determined to re-write the gospel or make the Bible more palatable to societal views. This is something my husband and I have discussed at […]

Time to Step Up

Right on the cusp of what should be an important remembrance (The National Day of Prayer), controversy reared up to throw many in the church into a tizzy. On Tuesday, Fox News released a story citing an inflammatory statement from a spokesperson for the Pentagon which suggested Christians could be court marshaled for “proselytizing”. This […]

We the Beloved

My friend, Bonnie, is asking the question "How Is God Calling You to be The Beloved?" on her blog today. This is a great topic for discussion, but to my own mind, I believe the wrong question is being asked. As I see it, the point is not so much that God is calling us […]