Desperately Seeking Something

Desperately Seeking Something


The world is fascinated by individuals who achieve what society deems as a “success”. You know who I mean. The individuals who are  the most popular “stars” of stage, screen, television, music, and sports (and yes, those we’ve placed on a similar pedestal in the Christian world as well). People who’s lives become the discussion […]

CD Review: Rebecca St James ~ I will praise you

Rebecca St. James is beautiful, talented, and has a passion for worshiping the Lord through music. In her new worship release, I WILL PRAISE YOU, Rebecca offers a lovely music experience which I’m sure many people will enjoy. It’s contemporary, there is a mix of familiar tunes with new songs, and Rebecca is clear voiced. […]

Family Movie Night Preview

Make sure you gather the family this Saturday, April 16th, at 8 PM EST on FOX for the World Premiere of Truth Be Told, starring Candance Cameron Bure, David James Elliot, and Ronny Cox! Walmart and P&G have brought back a great tradition…FAMILY MOVIE NIGHT. A chance to sit down with your kids and watch […]

DVD Review ~ MOST (The Bridge)

MOST (Czech for “The Bridge”) is a stunning, foreign language live action short film nominated for an Academy Award in 2004.  Directed by Bobby Garabedian, MOST follows a loving father and son through a fateful day, where the lives of hundreds hang in the balance, based on their decisions. A 21st century parable about ultimate love […]

More Than Cheap Grace

I recently bought and began reading a huge (and extremely well written) book about Detrich Bonhoeffer by Eric Metaxas. Perhaps it’s because of my German roots (my maiden name is Eschenbach) but I’ve always been very interested in what happened in Germany during WWII. I confess, it’s always boggled my mind that so many people […]