Meeting Hatred with Forgiveness

Meeting Hatred with Forgiveness


“Ding Dong Fred Phelps Is Dead!”  Well, I knew it was coming after reading reports earlier in the week. And this particular headline, which declares one family’s sadness and grief with a brazen sort of glee, leaves no misunderstanding. News and social media sites are buzzing. The infamous founder of The Westboro Baptist Church, Fred […]

Merciful God

Do you know what I love about God? How He will set up events to specifically address needs I didn’t even know I had. How He will answer a prayer by addressing something completely different. How His grace and mercy overshadows all things. Let me explain. For the past several days I’ve been feeling very […]

You Will Be Forgiven

Over the years, I’ve heard one common question among people who have any kind of a “past”. It’s uttered as part of a sweeping regret which seems to swallow a person’s brain. While most of the people asking me this question come from an occult background (or one of dabbling) they have a sincere concern […]

Love Grown Cold

“Sin will be rampent everywhere, and the love of many will grow cold.” Matthew 24:12 “You are not going to believe what’s happened.” My husband’s eyes were filled with tears this morning as he related to me the details of the horrific murders and attack which happened to innocent movie goers in Aurora, Colorado in the […]

There Will Never Be A Day I Don’t Remember

I’m sharing my story today. How for eight years I turned my back on God but HE was having none of it. I tried to redefine Him—FIT HIM—into my personal version of belief, mysticism, witchcraft, and spiritualism. And still He called to me. “Where can I go from your Spirit? Where can I flee from […]