31 Days of Light: Appearing as Angels of Light

In the last several years, books about “communicating from heaven” or “experiencing heaven” have been incredibly popular. In both the Christian and secular markets, anyone who publishes a book affirming spirit visitation or any kind of “near death experience” it’s going to be a number one best seller. Which is why I was not at […]

What Does It Mean To Be Christian?

Well, there was an article by Jennifer LeClaire posted to Charisma News today which caught me by surprise. The topic –A “Christian” Swingers Matchmaking Site Seriously? I’m honestly at a loss over that one. And you know what, I’m not even going to get into the craziness of those two words put together (not all […]

You Will Be Forgiven

Over the years, I’ve heard one common question among people who have any kind of a “past”. It’s uttered as part of a sweeping regret which seems to swallow a person’s brain. While most of the people asking me this question come from an occult background (or one of dabbling) they have a sincere concern […]

Choose Now This Day

What does it say about a nation (a people) when reports of mass killings are almost common place? July = Aurora, Colorado mass shooting at movie theater. August = Oak Creek, Wisonsin mass shooting at Sikh temple. September = Minneapolis, Minnesota mass shootings at business. December = Clackamas Town Center, OR mass shooting at mall. […]

Let There Be Peace Among Us

Yesterday, I received an email from a young woman who is a Wiccan. As I was reading through the message, I thought she was making some excellent points. Therefore, I thought I’d address those points on my blog (and with her permission) share some of this young woman’s thoughts with you. There are many Christians […]