Halloween Dabbling

Today is Halloween. For many, this is a night of fun and candy gathering. A secular holiday which allows people to shed their normal persona and dress-up to be whoever they want to be for one day. What had become a child’s night has once more been adopted by adults. It’s a time for scary […]

Guest Post: Spirits Impersonate the Living too! by Ex-Spiritualist Laura Maxwell

Guest Post: Spirits Impersonate the Living too! by Ex-Spiritualist Laura Maxwell

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I have a very dear friend in Scotland. Her name is Laura Maxwell. I wrote about her story in a post called Spiritualism Rising. We met over the internet (though I honestly don’t remember how). She has a strong devotion to God and a ministry in which she shares the truth about spiritualism and the occult. […]

Should Christans Watch “The Conjuring”

There is a movie which has become a box office success in it’s first weekend (bringing in $40 Million). Apparently good reviews and word of mouth support from movie-goers have done a lot to support this film. So which one of the Summer movie’s  is currently drawing people into the theater? Which one is receiving […]

The Beautiful Deliverance

In 2009, God put it on my heart to write a book about my former experiences in the occult. The idea was to give Christians a better understanding of strong influences within our culture from a personal (and Biblical) perspective. Through hard work (and the support of my incredible husband), I was able to self-publish […]

For Entertainment Purposes Only

How many times have I read or heard these words? “For entertainment purposes only.”      Psychics        Tarot Cards        Mediums/Seances        Horoscopes        Ghost Hunting Tours How many people have been convinced by the idea that what they want to do is “entertainment” to try […]