If It Talks Like a Duck

If It Talks Like a Duck


I’m not a fan of Duck Dynasty. No. Seriously. I’m not. Thom and I have watched the show a few times. We like the Robertsons. They are very amusing, down to earth people. There are just other television programs we prefer to watch. But, we do appreciate how “Duck Commander” Phil Robertson (and all his […]

Shall Not Prevail

There is an article written by Jennifer LeClaire for Charisma News detailing an aggressive agenda to “de-convert” Christians from their faith. Wait. What? Seriously? Yep. People who call themselves or a part of the growing number of “New Athiests”. Some are more militant than others, but apparently there is a new, concerted effort to present […]

Guest Post: Spirits Impersonate the Living too! by Ex-Spiritualist Laura Maxwell

Guest Post: Spirits Impersonate the Living too! by Ex-Spiritualist Laura Maxwell

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I have a very dear friend in Scotland. Her name is Laura Maxwell. I wrote about her story in a post called Spiritualism Rising. We met over the internet (though I honestly don’t remember how). She has a strong devotion to God and a ministry in which she shares the truth about spiritualism and the occult. […]

31 Days of Light: Prayer and Meditation

In the last few days, posts have been brought to my attention on Facebook regarding “soaking prayer” and whether it is a practice which Christians should participate in. For my part, it is a practice which I cannot recommend for a variety of reasons including it’s close association with mysticism and Eastern mediation practices. Meditation […]

Owning Your Faith

Last night I began reading a book called Own It: Leaving Behind a Borrowed Faith. The book is part of a pair received to review for my blog. And I’ve gotta tell you, this one is so good I’m already half way through and plan to finish it tonight. Once I’ve read it through, my […]