Testing, Trials, and Triumph

As we all know, when God calls us to do something for His purpose, plan, and glory we can find ourselves faced with a challenge or two from the enemy. Testing or trials which push our faith or fortitude. It can be anything too. Circumstances which might cause us to question if we actually heard […]

Out of Control

Overwhelmed. There are days I wake up (understanding the call—some days it feels like a burden—God has put on my life) and I simply don’t know which end is up. My heart gets heavy. A pit begins to gnaw in my stomach. All I want to do is throw my hands up in the air […]

Pick Your Word

This week, my friend Bonnie (The Faith Barista) is asking us to think about trust. What does that look like in our lives? How do we (why) do we trust God? So I decided to look up the words which mean trust. Here are a few listed: Assurance. Certainty. Conviction. Dependence. Hope. Expectation. Faith. What […]

Are You Feeling Lucky Today?

“But blessed are those who trust in the LORD and have made the LORD their hope and confidence." Jeremiah 17:7 (NLT) I'm sitting on the sofa, typing away on my little laptop, pondering what I should post about today.  Outside my apartment windows, snow is gently falling. The first real accumulation we've had in our area […]

Testing God

You know, despite what many people think, it's probably not a really good idea to test God. Because He is…you know…GOD! Even so, there are times when my life when I've done just that. Gotten up in God's face (metaphorically speaking) and asked Him to prove Himself to me. And in all honesty, I should […]