Should Christians Be Fearful?

As the days lead up to Halloween, a common theme can be seen in comments, questions, and searches when it comes to Christians and the occult (especially regarding witchcraft). Protection. People are looking for Bible verses, information, and anything which can lead them to spiritual safety in a month when fear is a regular feature. […]

The Beautiful Deliverance

In 2009, God put it on my heart to write a book about my former experiences in the occult. The idea was to give Christians a better understanding of strong influences within our culture from a personal (and Biblical) perspective. Through hard work (and the support of my incredible husband), I was able to self-publish […]

Many Strange Things in this World

Yes. I have rainbow hair.  But that’s not the point! The point is there are many strange things in this world, not the least of which is Escaping the Cauldron (finally!) OFFICIALLY RELEASING TOMORROW! God has been so good from the start of this amazing journey. Opening doors I would never have believed possible — and […]

The Subtle Seduction: Kids and the Paranormal

A number of weeks ago, my husband and I were chatting with a friend. She asked my thoughts on Harry Potter as her child was interested in reading the series. This is a very familiar question for me.  My response to the question remains the same. Parents who allow their children to read Harry Potter […]

Book Review-The Day Satan Called

As I was rummaging through a box of books the other day, I discovered one purchased in 2011 but had some how missed reading. Seeing as I’ve owned the book for nearly a year, the time had (obviously) come to crack the cover. So I stuffed the book into my travel bag for Cornerstone. As […]