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An Insider’s Guide to Spiritual Warfare

Releasing October 2014

ISBN: 978-0800796020

About This Book

downloadBehind the backdrop of our daily lives, a hidden war is raging. The players are as powerful as they are invisible. What's on the line: your very heart and soul.

Are you ready for the battle?

After spending years as a medium, witch and ghost hunter, Kristine McGuire emerged from behind enemy lines to reclaim her identity in Christ. She brings unique insight, revealing Satan's 7 favorite battlefields as well as the most effective tactics he employs in the battles we face everyday.

In this essential guide to the spiritual war zone, you will learn 30 battle-tested strategies for victory from a spiritual warrior who has been there. Kristine's simple but powerful insights will empower you to engage your enemy without fear . . . and, in the power of Jesus, to win.



"In An Insider's Guide to Spiritual Warfare, Kristine McGuire gives us a fresh look at spiritual warfare. She shares her wisdom on the subject in an honest, authentic voice that allows you to feels as though your're sitting across the kitchen table from her discussing the topic. Her refeshing style will engage you and get you excited to learn along with her as you read this book."  Jill Hart, president, Christian Work at Home Ministries

"Because of her past experience in occult activity, Kristine is particularly equipped to share on the subject of spiritual warfare. I believe this book will be a great help for those interested in spiritual warfare."  Duane Vander Klok, lead pastor Resurrecton Life Church, Grandville, Michigan, author, 21 Things the Devil Cannot Do

"Truth be told, there is a spiritual war taking place in our world for the souls of humanity. It only stand to reason that Christ's followers would be armed for the battle. Kristine McGuire prescribes for us a biblical success strategy for victory over the enemy's advances. Thank you, Kristine!"  Dr. Charles J. Thomas, senior pastor, the campuses of First Baptist Church, McDounough, Georgia

"Kristine opens up about her own spiritual battles and the resulting damage, losses and victories with an honesty and vulnerability resulting in a voice that partners with, rather than preaches to, the reader. The brevity of the chapters provide the right amount of material for retention, reflection, and action."  Frank Breeden, managing partner, Premiere Authors Literary Agency

"This book is a beginning to knowing yourself, your enemy, your weapons and your strategy in the greatest adventure of all---life and loving others."  Becky McDonald, president and founder, Women at Risk International