The Call to Pray

The Call to Pray

These past few days I've been praying as part of Anne Graham Lotz An Urgent Call to Prayer.

Each day, I've followed the prompts offered by Anne in a daily email. Each day has been powerful, poignant, and not only addressed what is going on in our nation but has quickened my heart to the Holy Spirit's prompting about things in my own life which need examination.

Here is a portion of Day Six:

  • We worship You, Lord Jesus Christ, as God in "homespun and sandals," come down to perfectly reveal to us the character of the FatherWhen we want to know what God is like, we can look at You. When we want to know what’s in His heart and what’s on His mind, we can look at You. You illuminate the darkness of our circumstances and the chaotic confusion of our world, giving hope for the future. You are the marvelous, everlasting and all-powerful Light that shines abroad in our hearts that we might no longer walk in the darkness of deception, fear, ignorance and evil, but in the love and light of Your glory.
  • I worship You as _____________
  • We repent of tarnishing Your glory with our bitterness, meanness, unforgiveness, pridefulness, unkindness, rudeness, self-righteousness or any sin that makes others think less of You. We repent of giving others the impression that You tolerate sin because we do.

Tomorrow is Day Seven of An Urgent Call to Prayer.

Even if you haven't participated in the previous six days, I urge you to add your voice. There is so much going on in our nation, but also in the American Church, which has me shaking my head with sadness. What we need is a move of the Holy Spirit such as has not been seen since the Great Awakening.

Oh Lord. hear our prayer.

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