When You Realize Your Calling

When You Realize Your Calling

You know, I can say without any hesitation that writing has always been a part of my life.

From meticulously spelling out the letters of my name, to the imagined and (personally) illustrated "princess" stories of early elementary school, the prose which has defined private journals, online blogs, poetry, song lyrics, multiple attempts at "the great American novel" over the years, and now the non-fiction books I (miraculously) compose for the Christian market...being a writer has always been my calling.


You see, for the longest time other "dreams" filled my thoughts (especially growing up):

  • Gypsy Fortune Teller.
  • Missionary.
  • Lawyer.
  • Nurse.
  • Singer. (Did that one for a bit believe it or not. My one claim to fame in that arena: Background vocalist on Third Day's debut album.)
  • Medical Assistant (tried that one on for a bit too and became a "vampire" (aka as a phlebotomist). Not a good fit.)
  • Early Childhood Educator (did pretty well with that one for a time).

Never in my live long years did I believe "writer" or "published author" could ever be attached to my name. Didn't even occur to me to give it a real go until God placed such a burden on my heart to share my testimony I had no choice but to write Escaping the Cauldron.

And then someone else thought it was worth reading too.

In fact, it never occurred to me even when the book was in the process of being published to think of writing as my career. Seriously. My agent had to tell me (and who ever thought I'd have one of those!). The first time we met in person, she began talking about other book proposals and I was like...

"Wait. What? You mean, this is more than a one time gig?"

She laughed.

Now, here I am with a corner of the dining room (well, I say "dining". There's no table.  We don't eat in here. There is no space when it doubles as an extra bedroom for our younger girl-child when she's home from college, y'know?) set up as a "home office space" where I can work on manuscripts, book proposals, research, and blog posts.

It literally just occurred to me while preparing to "go to work" this morning, how very blessed I am. Being given the opportunity to share my thoughts with the reading world (both online and in print) is my wildest dream come true.

And how remarkable is it to have a husband who understands/encourages his wife in the crafting of her words, in spite of the fact she often forgets to do housework, laundry, or even cook dinner when wrapped up in the writing of them? A husband who supports his wife's career choice even when (most of the time) it's a financial burden to do so. 

You see, my husband is a (gift from God) very smart man. He got the fact I'm a writer a long time ago. But then, he's always seen things (gifts/skills/talents) in me I've dismissed as hobbies or insignificant.

Writing. Being a writer. It's my calling.

Sitting at my desk, stringing words into sentences which describe thoughts (and feelings) for you to read, is what I'm meant to be doing with my life. This is the skill (gift) I've been given and (consciously or not) have been cultivating since putting pencil to paper in Kindergarten.

Writing will always be what I do.

It's how I'm designed and best able to serve God.

Writing allows me to serve by communicating God's message of hope, love, mercy, forgiveness, and grace. And in this way, other opportunities to minister which resonate in me (prayer, public speaking, counseling, missions, etc.,) are created as well.

I've spent years asking God to "show me" what I'm meant to do for Him  without ever realizing I've been doing it all along.

So, how about you? What have you been working at all your life? Where do you find your best skill (and greatest joy)? Time to take stock, friend.

What is your calling?


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Kristine McGuire is an inspirational author and speaker, sharing her testimony and encouraging others in their walk with Christ.


  1. That’s great that you live out your calling. I’ve always felt led to write too and am so thankful for the blogging world opening up so I can share my thoughts online anytime I want to. May the Lord continue to bless your work of ministering through words!

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