Why Christians Should Not Watch the Warren’s So Called “True Story”– Conjuring 2

Why Christians Should Not Watch the Warren’s So Called “True Story”– Conjuring 2

In 2013, a movie called The Conjuring opened in theaters to great acclaim. The film was touted as "faith based" by many because not only were the protagonists of the movie, Ed and Lorraine Warren, devout Catholics but the producers/writers are Christians themselves.

The amount of positive review the film generated from Christian publications troubled me so I wrote a post entitled Should Christians Watch "The Conjuring". Since the sequel opened this weekend a lot of readers have been visiting that particular post once more.

I've struggled with whether or not I should go to see The Conuring 2 to offer my thoughts or a review on what is presented in the film. What I've seen and read in other reviews is the movie focuses quite heavily on demonic possession. I confess to being interested in how the Christian filmmakers may be treating the subject. One review leaves me very skeptical that I would be satisfied with the result.

More importantly, I believe it's important to note that after researching the case being depicted in The Conjuring 2 (The Enfield Poltergeist) the Warren's had little to nothing to do with the investigation.

Therefore their insertion into the story is a complete fabrication.

The film's trailer is claiming to depict "the truth" about the events which occured in Enfield. Let's check the veracity of this claim.

  • One of the two actual investigator's of the case from England's Society for Psycical Research, Guy Lyon Playfair, has stated that the Warren's arrived "uninvited" in 1978 (the investigation had been ongoing since 1977).
  • The Warren's allegedly made claims of witnessing phenomenon which no one else experienced or witnessed. 
  • Mr Playfair alleges Ed Warren spoke to him of how they could "make money with the case" ; says the Warren's were at the house for a day (at most) that he can remember, and apparently none of the actual people involved in the case remember ever giving the Warren's an interview.
  • Not to mention Janet Hodgson, who is portrayed in the film, had no idea her family's story (or rather some fabrication if it) was being made into a movie, had never been consulted, and apparently was/is unhappy about the movie.

 This begs the question: Why bother going to see this movie at all?

I'd also like to reiterate what I wrote about The Warren's in my original post:

"...this film (The Conjuring) illustrates the very thing we are told to avoid. Spirit communication via mediums and psychics. Pursuing of spirits through activities such as ghost hunting. It doesn't truly matter if  the spirit is revealed to be demonic (no kidding!) or use scripture as a means to try to evict the thing. The end result is not honoring to God when the very thing He has forbidden is employed in the first place. (Leviticus 19:31Leviticus 20:6Deuteronomy 18:12).

The Warren's were sincere and devout in their faith, but what they did was not based on scripture or God's principles of spiritual warfare (James 4:7but on Catholic tradition. Any abilities employed by Lorraine were/are not representative of God's gifts of discernment or words of knowledge but rather a twisting of them by the enemy (as happened to me when I worked as a medium)."

What I wrote above can be applied to The Conjuring 2. 

Lorraine Warren (who is still alive to my knowledge) operates as a trance medium. The truth is it really doesn't matter if she is sincere or doing readings in the name of God. The Bible states very clearly that to act as a medium is in violation of God's will. He says to stay away from psychics and mediums and not to consult them. There are also claims of fraud against the Warren's. I have no opinion on that controversy. My objection remains that the Warren's claim to act in the name of God as Catholic Christians while participating in spirit communication.  

You should also know that the Enfield Poltergeist case is equally mired in the controversies of fraud (especially since it is a known fact the two sisters involved perpetrated some of the "phenonmenon" as childen's "jokes" to see if the investigators would notice).

Friend, I know how fascinating movies such as The Conjuring 2 can be. If the movie were investigating a true case of possession then I can understand why Christians would be interested. But it is not. The story being told is (as far as I can tell from the trailer) taking some true events and building a fiction around it.

Yes, I do understand why these movies are popular. People are curious about the paranormal or enjoy a good scare. I know because I've held a similar interest. I wrote a post about my struggles of being The Horror Junkie a few years ago.

Let me wrap up this post with this. There are a lot of good movies in the theaters right now. My recommendation is to skip The Conjuring 2. Why add money to the coffers of an unnecessary movie franchise when the story is a fairy-tale pretending to be the truth?


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